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Photo by @kellysikkema via Unsplash

Reflections on the long, windy road to progress.

Jenga. By Naveen Kumar.
  • I knew how rare a moment of inspiration is, and
  • I knew that if I went to sleep, I would never finish this project; there’s a graveyard of unfinished projects haunting me.

Photo by Enrique Vidal Flores, via Unsplash

Photo by Chris Spiegl, via Flickr CC BY-NC-2.0

via Unsplash

Photo by Christoph Minixhofer, via Flick. Public Domain.

Winding Path by Phil Bulleyment, via Flickr CC BY-2.0

What I learned testing everything

Ilhan Omar in Twin Cities Pride Parade, by Tony Webster


Software Engineer living in Brooklyn, NY. MIT Computer Science S.B. ’13, M.Eng. ‘14. From Amman, Jordan. Interested in politics, current affairs, and technology

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