Basic Concepts in Unity for Software Engineers

Photo by Christoph Minixhofer, via Flick. Public Domain.


Unity Scene editor opening a default empty scene in 3D mode. Empty Scenes in Unity3D will by default include Main Camera and Directional light objects.
Unity Scene editor showing an example scene, with a few objects selected. You can use the scene view to edit levels in your game.

Game Objects

A group of objects nested together in a scene under an empty “Interior_Props” object, for organizational purposes.
A group of objects nested under the player. These include the player’s weapon, avatar, and various UI elements rendered around the player.

Components (& MonoBehaviors)

The Warrior object from the previous screenshot is shown above in Unity’s “Inspector” window. Each illustrated section (e.g., Animator, Rigidbody, Collider) are Components making up this object.



Nested Prefabs

Serialization & Deserialization

Screenshot of 2015 game Chaos Reborn by Snapshot Games. BY-CC-SA 3.0


Software Engineer living in Brooklyn, NY. MIT Computer Science S.B. ’13, M.Eng. ‘14. From Amman, Jordan. Interested in politics, current affairs, and technology

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